Tse Han (Tylo) is a Music Producer & Mixing Engineer who started his musical starting out as a classical violinist, he created song covers and tutorials on Youtube, garnering 450k views by the age of 12. Tylo is a musical swiss army knife, having close to a decade of experience producing Dubstep, Trap, and more recently Hip-hop, RnB and Pop. Amassing over 2M+ streams across platforms, Tse Han works with artists and companies regularly in the creative and commercial space.


Tse Han is currently pursuing Electrical Engineering in the National University of Singapore (NUS) while doing production & soundtracking under his own audio production company – COSYNe. He also co-founded and directs NUS first live music & Open Mic initiative STUDYO.


Highly passionate about music and production from a young age, Tse Han aspires to build a community of like-minded creatives to express their most authentic self and inspire others to pursue their passion.




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