Andrew Ng


After years of attending clubs and standing by the DJ podiums, often mimicking MCs hyping his own group of friends and people around him, Andrew Ng aka AMPRSND is ready to bring the party level up – with his tasteful, yet relevant take on music and bringing the crowd to its feet and start dancing.


AMPRSND finally stepped up to the decks  and has grown increasingly confident of creating mixes that steps out of his bedroom and into clubs for the world to hear.


AMPRSND specialises in Open Format DJ mixing that encompasses a wide range of accessible genres including throwback hits that turns the whole room into a massive sing along.He has been on the lookout for not only the current bops, but also plays tribute to some of the most successful hits that may have been forgotten by the current day listeners. AMPRSND is currently one of the forefront DJs in Singapore holding down the Kpop music fort and is the resident DJ for loocally established Kpop night Boombayah.

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