DJ Courses

K-Pop DJ Class

A DJ class specially tailored for all fans of K-pop music

Don’t just dance to K-pop, DJ K-pop! This course is suitable for those who love K-Pop and are interested in learning how to mix the K-pop tracks that you love. Understand how playing K-Pop music differs from other sounds. Learn to play your favourite songs for friends, or even events and parties while experiencing the joy playing on industry-standard DJ equipment in a proper studio environment.


FEE : $420


Sessions : 2 

Duration : 3 hours

Total Hours : 6 hours

Payment : By Bank transfer/Paylah/Paynow before commencement of class (non refundable)

For group classes with your friends, do drop us a message for more details.


Intro to Pioneer DJ equipment

Intro to Serato DJ software

Understanding Music Structure

Beat matching and Tempo Adjusting

Basic EQ mixing and effects

Transitioning between songs

Understanding the different K-pop genres (Trap, EDM, Pop)

Planning playlists for DJ sets

Setting the hot cue function on your laptop



Intro to DJ Mixing

FEE: $150

Learn the basics of mixing on our standard DJ equipment while receiving insightful information regarding the industry in general. 



Sessions : 1 

Duration : 1 hour 30 minutes 

Classes : by Appointment

Class size : 1 on 1 

Payment : By Bank transfer/Paylah/Paynow before commencement of class (non refundable)

For group classes with your friends, do drop us a message for more details.


Choose Your DJ Program: RKD or SeratoDJ


Try out club standard equipment and learn about the many formats available for DJing. Receive insightful information regarding the industry.


Learn the true technical origins of DJ mixing

Mix with vinyl records

Learn how to mix with hearing alone

Spin hands on with CDJs

Learn how to use Pioneer DDJ controllers

Understand the different types of DJs, mixing styles, genres

Try Serato DJ Pro and Rekordbox DJ

Learn about the industry and prospects

DJ Mixing Course

Basic Course Fee : $500.00

Advanced Course Fee : $600.00

Basic + Advanced Course Fee: $980.00

Our DJ mixing courses will give you the tools that you require to become a credible live DJ.


For group classes with your friends, do drop us a message for more details.

Sessions : 3 per course

Duration : 2 hours per class

Total Hours : 6 hrs per course

Classes : by Appointment

Class size : 1 on 1

Payment : By Bank transfer/Paylah/Paynow before commencement of class (non refundable)


Validity: The course package is to be fully utilized within 4 months from the course registration date.



Our Basic course focuses on rewiring your ears for DJ mixing  on both analog and digital platforms. You will be introduced to Pioneer Rekordbox, a proprietary software created by Pioneer DJ used for live mixing.

•  Introduction to DJing

•  Understanding BPMs

•  Basic Beat matching and bar mixing

•  Understanding Tempo Adjust and Pitching 

•  Mixing by pure hearing alone

•  Basic EQ mixing

•  Mixing tracks sequentially

•  Introduction to CDJs

•  Hardware Installation for CDJs

•  How to read Digital audio waveforms

•  Understanding CDJ functions

•  Basic Mixing on CDJs using Thumb drives

•  Basic Tempo Adjust and Pitching on CDJs

•  Studying of basic track structure

•  Introduction to the Rekordbox music management program

•  Mixing with Rekordbox memory and cue points

•  Introduction to basic layer mixing

•  Intro to basic mixer functions


The Advanced course serves as a continuation from the Basic course. It also serves as a modular course to cater to the needs of students who have special genres that they would like to focus on, from commercial sounds such as EDM and Hip Hop R&B, to the more underground sounds of Nu-Disco, House, Techno and so on.

•  Setting up of Serato Hardware

•  Introduction to the Serato HID Mode configuration

•  Planning your crates and playlists on Serato DJ

•  Playing with Serato DJ effects

•  Introduction to music genres

•  Intro to the various forms of dance music genres

•  Sourcing for music

•  Utilizing advance mixer effects

•  Identifying energy levels and elements of tracks

•  Intro to key and melodic mixing

•  Building up a set based on BPMs

•  Open format mixing

•  Mixing with Serato Control Vinyl

•  Basic hip hop mixing

•  Dropping samples

•  Understanding energy levels

•  Introduction to DJ controllers functions

•  Customizing mixes for promotional purposes

•  Personalizing your music sorting methods

•  Understanding styles and cultures of commercial and underground audiences

•  Planning sets based on event variables

•  Understanding your target audience

•  Personal Branding and Marketing

•  How to achieve bookings Recording a mix

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