Our Story

Established in 2002 by Ashe Narayan, POP Studio featured the first soundproofed practice studio in Singapore dedicated to DJs. Over time, the requests for DJ lessons increased and POP Studio DJ was born. The jamming studio expanded into a place of education for local and regionally DJs to practice and expand their knowledge. With increased demand for performances and talent, the school formed Knight Out to manage events, collaborations and DJ bookings for potential students. Always at the cutting edge of the evolution of music, the school added electronic music production courses to the arsenal of academic options available to students.

Our Goals

Our boutique school offers a wide range of electronic music education ranging from introductory classes to advanced instruction for DJ skills, music production and live performing, regardless of where you are starting from and no matter your background.You will be taught everything from basic to advanced DJ skills, music production and live performance, regardless of where you’re starting from, no matter your background. At POP Studio Academy, we advocate musicality as the main key that engages  audiences – knowledge that cannot be attained by online tutorials. In addition to learning techniques and technology (and you will learn lots here), you’ll also learn how to curate or create musical performances that audiences will love – and will want to hear more from you. Are you working? Studying? Serving NS? Very busy with life in general? You can maximize your DJ / electronic music learning experience with POP Studio DJ through our blended method and flexible arrangements, tailored to your needs, guided by experienced electronic music educators. And if you make the cut (and if you’re interested) you might have the opportunity to play at music events at clubs and other venues organized by our event arms.


ABLETON LIVE Workshop for Dancers at ROOM0416

Hwa Chong Workshop

ABLETON LIVE Workshop for Dancers at ROOM0416

HOW DO YA PRODUCE? music production series

Latest release from our instructor Falling Islands

Live Performing and DJ showcase at Get Juiced

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